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Stock research is the basis for exceptional stock market profits. The Trader Times reports on all relevant developments that traders need to keep an eye on. Our editorial team includes 12 experienced traders, some of whom have been active on the stock markets for over 20 years. In each issue we publish rankings of the leading growth stocks in the USA and report on what the driving forces of these stocks are.

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Universal System to Discover Winning Stocks

When a stock such as NVIDIA multiplies its value by fifty (We had it in the Trading Portfolio USA with +5687% included in TraderFox Live Trading Research), this doesn't happen overnight. It rises over an extended period of time, consistently marking new highs day by day. Measurable characteristics of such a winning stock include high growth rates and, during the upward phases, a narrow distance from the 52-week high. We can monitor these characteristics by using our software. This is what the table of leading growth stocks in The Trader Times looks like, which we update daily using our stock screening software at

In The Trader Times, we discuss this ranking of leading growth stocks daily. This way, our readers won't miss any top stock!

Daily Coverage of Pivot Points.

Which stocks have potential for revaluation?

Pivot Points are key points attributed to significant company news that can mark the starting point of larger rally movements. This occurs when new products or business concepts shatter existing market expectations for the coming years.

Pivot Points are often formed by quarterly earnings reports. Our template identifies stocks that have formed a Gap-Up of over 6% in the last 10 days. Additionally, the volume must be at least 50% above the 100-day volume moving average.

Our editorial team discusses the latest screening results on a daily basis.

Simon Betschinger

Simon Betschinger
CEO TraderFox GmbH

There has been no daily newspaper for traders yet that exclusively reports on stocks and trading opportunities. That's what we wanted to change at TraderFox, so we created The Trader Times. The Trader Times is designed to be an infotainment product. Our readers should look forward to each new newspaper edition every day and not be able to wait for the new issue to finally appear at 8 AM EDT. Big headlines, graphical elements, and annotated chart images run through the entire appearance of the newspaper. Clear opinions of our editors alongside photos catch the reader's attention. Once you get used to skimming through The Trader Times every day, you won't want to miss it anymore.

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The Trader Times follows a systematic approach to find the best stocks.

Research routines

The research routines were developed by TraderFox founder Simon Betschinger, a very successful trader himself.

Time saving

Your biggest time saver in stock research is reading The Trader Times daily.

Infotainment & Visual

The Trader Times gets to the point quickly and concisely. Annotated charts immediately show what a stock is all about.

The Reports in The Trader Times Focus on the Following Points

News That Influence Stocks' Courses

Our editorial team has a filtering function for you, dear readers. You don't have the time to read hundreds of corporate news articles every day. Our team takes care of that for you, and we report on the most important and significant news in The Trader Times. Every day at 8 AM (EDT), our readers receive the most important stock news that you need to know, presented in a well-prepared manner.

Stocks Breaking New 52-Week Highs

A stock that multiplies its value doesn't undergo its course movement within just a few days; typically, the rally extends over several months and years. Multiplying shares are regulars in the "New 52-Week Highs" radar box. Those who consistently monitor stocks that break new 52-week highs will be aware of all the top stocks and won't miss any multiplying stock stories.

High Price Targets from Top Analysts and Their Reasoning

When large and renowned banks assign high price targets for stocks, it often affects stock prices. It makes sense to keep an eye on the highest price targets that analysts have just set. However, what matters more to us than the absolute price target level is the reasoning. Are there good reasons to believe that consensus expectations for a company are significantly too low and that growth rates will be surprising?

Stocks Accumulated Under High Trading Volume

When a stock rises under increasing trading volume, it's referred to as accumulation. One reason for accumulation could be that one or more market participants want to build larger positions in a stock. At The Trader Times, we search for the causes and aim to uncover why there is such high demand for a stock.

The 100 Fastest-Growing Stocks in the World

The greatest winning stocks in Wall Street's history all follow the same script: Large companies became small companies. Garage startups became global corporations. This is achieved by companies consistently increasing their revenues with high double-digit growth rates over years. Coverage of the fastest-growing stocks in the market therefore has a firm place in The Trader Times.

The Most Attractive Dividend Stocks in Europe and the USA

Dividend stocks are among the most important components of a portfolio for passive income. However, there are many pitfalls when investing in dividend stocks. Often, a high dividend is not sustainable, but rather a short-term snapshot. Once a week, we publish our ranking of the best dividend stocks from the USA and Europe for which we expect stable and growing dividends.

Chart-Based Buy Signals of Outstanding Significance

The Trader Times bears the title "Trader" because we want to highlight new buying opportunities based on the results technical analysis on a daily basis. If a stock breaks out from a leading industry's narrowing consolidation pattern, we must report on it, of course. With charts, obviously.

Investment Trends and Which Stocks Benefit from Them

Investment and future trends can significantly outperform the market for months. These are the areas where traders need to be to achieve high returns. That's why one focus of our reports is on investment trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Hydrogen, or whatever the current hot topic is.

Why is stock research so important?

If you don't know about the best stocks, you can't make money with them!

Example: Super Micro Computer

The stock market audience usually becomes aware of the leading stocks too late, only when the prices have already increased by several hundred percent. Why is that? The coverage in major mainstream magazines focuses on the high-flyers that everyone knows - stocks like Alphabet, Tesla, Apple, NVIDIA, or Microsoft.

A recent example is Super Micro Computer. Hardly any investors knew about the top winner of the AI revolution. It wasn't until the stock had quintupled that major publishers started writing about it. Super Micro Computer has been a regular topic in TraderFox publications since April 2020.

How did we discover the Super Micro Computer stock so early?
Through our screening routines

Last year, the stock of Super Micro Computer was already one of the fastest-growing stocks on Wall Street in terms of revenue. Screening for growth stocks is part of our standard routines. This is what the results list looks like right now. The screenshot shows the "TraderFox Screener" on


Only those who know about the top stocks can consider investing in them. That's why you need The Trader Times! Stock research pays off!

Clear Opinions from Our Top Editors

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trader Times costs €39 per month. Those who choose a subscription period of 12 months can reduce the price to €29 per month. Our flat-rate offer is particularly popular, priced at €49 per month. It includes not only The Trader Times but also 6 additional stock magazines from TraderFox GmbH: aktien Magazin, Tenbagger-Depot, Nebenwerte Investor, Trend Following, The Big Call, and Growth.

In the stock market, the most challenging task is to filter out the important news from the flood of information. Retail investors don't have the time to read hundreds of news articles daily. The editorial team of The Trader Times takes on this task for its readers. We present the information that traders must know in an entertaining manner on 15 to 20 pages.

Our goal is to keep an eye on the best stocks in the USA and Germany as early as possible. When there's a new high flier stock, our readers will find out about it early on, likely before the broader stock market audience takes notice. To ensure this, we conduct 8 daily screening routines to make sure that no relevant developments go unnoticed by us. This includes screening for growth stocks, new highs, significant increases in trading volume (accumulation), sector strength, investment trends, and, of course, pivotal news points.

The Trader Times is released daily at 8 AM EDT in PDF format and can be downloaded right here on You can also provide an email address to receive each new issue by email. Most customers use our app to conveniently read the newspaper on their tablets. The Trader Times is available in our app alongside aktien Magazin. Download for iOS / Android.