Mobileye has Orders for 46 Million Chips for Assisted Driving!

The automotive industry is undergoing a transition to autonomous, electrified and connected driving. A race for the robot car has begun. With its vision systems, Mobileye (MBLY) is one of the first ports of call for car OEMs when they want to implement driver assistance systems. The EyeQ6 Lite chip system is available on the market for the mass market. This is the most powerful and cost-efficient system-on-a-chip for basic assisted driving functions. It also includes an 8 MP camera with a lateral field of view of 120 degrees and can recognize objects at a greater distance. It can also read text phrases from traffic signs, such as a speed limit on weekdays. The system enables automatic cruise control and lane changes, for example.

Over the next few years, the EyeQ6 Lite system will be installed in 46 million vehicles, as Mobileye announced today. The First cars will come onto the market in mid-2024, meaning that the system will go into series production in 2025. Customers could include VW and Porsche, for example. Mobileye is thus positioning itself as a supplier of ADAS functions for the masses. Growth should therefore pick up in the medium term. Most recently, revenue increased by 13%.

The good prospects for the EyeQ6 Lite system should drive the share today and could contribute to breaking out of the consolidation!

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