Pet Food Specialist Freshpet (FRPT) Utilizes its Economies of Scale and First Mover Advantage. Revenue Increases by 30% in Q4. The Result is Clearly Surprising.

Freshpet (FRPT) is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of fresh, chilled pet food products. The company focuses on natural ingredients and produces food that is free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavor enhancers. One of the main growth drivers for Freshpet is the increasing demand for healthy, natural and high-quality pet food products.

As the company reported on Monday (February 26), the company was able to leverage its economies of scale and first-mover advantage to increase revenue by 30% to $215.4 million in Q4. After posting a net loss of around $3 million in the same quarter of the previous year, the company now made a net profit of $15.3 million.

Freshpet (ISIN US3580391056): The company now reports earnings per share much earlier than previously assumed. The results are now surprising analysts. The share price breaks out in double digits.

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